The Hot Place

Conversation Between The Ocean and The Mermaid

In a warm Spring
In a hot ocean
I am Star-lit-

Like some modern living Ophelia
Or a dream stricken mermaid

Submerged in the water
Sweating from the heat
As my head swims with
Beautiful thoughts of you.

And my hair floats in the bubbles
Sticks to my skin
I can almost touch your stare
As I float.

I feel the water lapping
At my neck and lips.
Drops roll down my legs,
And I speak to The Ocean
And it scatters.

“Better watch out Little Girl,” it says as it wafts,
“He will take you home, but he will not feed you.”

“Ha!” I say to The Ocean, “I am a cat. I can
hunt for my own food.”

“Better watch out Little Cat.
He will watch you climb,
But he will not catch you.”

“Ha!” I say to The Ocean, “Better to be
Watched by his electric eyes, because
I am a careful climber.”

“Better watch out Little Climber.
At the top, he will be waiting to taste you.”

“Ha!” I say to The Ocean,

“I am already his supper!”

And I blow away the Ocean mists.
It swirls around my toes,
And breathes on the back of my earlobes.

L.King- May 1997