The Hot Place
“You know the Japanese made that motorcycle over there. It sure does a lot for the music, doesn’t it? That motorcycle.”

Exodus follows Genesis
Silent Marion stands
Searching as my dog says
you’re interesting
And my pen says you’re in
But today is tense
Lock the door in this rain
Simplify the action
Repeat the refrain
Always carry a lightbulb
And do what you do
Block the shadow
On the wall
And push the others
Pressing toward your door
She looks so sure
As she hits the floor
I snap to the groove
Someone has to parody this move
I wanna take it to tomorrow
I want to taste your sky
All I have you can borrow
You can have all of my now
But the last thing you’ve ever made me is down
Your shirt sleeve is enough to roll up a frown
And your smile is enough to make me choke up
And consider what can’t be wrote up by professing a cup
Off your brow
The microphone’s on now.

“Have you ever heard ‘He Died for Love at 3 a.m.’? Bill Anderson wrote it.”