The Hot Place



Impatience is the cause of much hurt.

Asking someone to act

Without allowing them to consider

Their emotional reaction time

Is not becoming or fair to the other person.

Please do not vent on my heart.

I care for you too much

And cannot distinguish between

Your truth and your anger.

You know I would do anything

That you asked me to.

This makes you feel strong.

This makes me empowered to move

For you because I can.

But this allows you to upset me greatly

At your discretion

Or lack of.

You hold my thoughts as if they were birds.

Yet I allow you to lift me.

And I allow you to affect  me.

Always returns to you.

You have shown me who I really am

Just by standing next to me.

You are so beautiful.

You can turn so grey.

You can shine, and make me laugh.

How do you do this to me?

I want to tell you

But you will not accept my words.

Perhaps they are too heavy for you to carry.

But they originate within you

So they are a part of you.

Your touch is like wind.

You take me by surprise when you

Wrap around me.

Before I can appreciate it,

It is gone.

Your embrace is fleeting.

I wish I could feel this for

More than a quick moment.

You will not allow this.

That hurts.


One time it lasted just an extra moment.

I will never forget that feeling of comfort.

Could you not bear to be

Against each other for any longer?

-lisa king, 2004