The Hot Place

Myself In You 

The moon through the trees
Makes my heart ache
For something old;
Something rather primal.

Timeless smile from outer-space
Transports me to another place.
Another world entirely.
Makes me feel automatic and simple.

Night fires burning;
Contented smoke spirals around the stars,
Exquisite grey-blue;

Warm breezes and smells like
Rain and Sea abound.

So warm and so palpable,
So distant yet I still feel the tingle.

Strangely at peace,
Yet not quite;

Stolen moment where all is well,
Just for once,
Just for a while.

Comforting darkness alive with
Subtle color.

Pinpoints of lights in the distance;
Infinite flickering accents
Of red and white.

Just a reminder of who you are.

What a sublime aloneness;
Finding the balance.
Cut to center yourself
Inside yourself.

And all I see is myself in you.

-Lisa King, 2-3-1998