The Hot Place


“Too late for you!” yelled the comic book creature.
I just laughed, because he doesn’t really know me.
“Discipline.” he crooned. “Focus yourself little thing…”
Focus the universe, I thought in response.
Focus history, sea shells, physics and ashes you wind worshiper,
I thought.
Focus my monster lurking slippery sucking skin soft beastly mind.
Tune the telescope to public television modular star kiss.
I’ll focus on something, oh god believe me.
And then the antenna will blink the hot red and white
That will make the ground soft and the orange bee honey drip so
That salt will pour even in the rain with an umbrella black.
Dial the knob all silvery grooved and don’t crush the glass
There’s more yet, my focused friend of the offering chasteness.

Dec. 2002