The Hot Place
the sadness of finality creeped across the mind. memories stirred, but is this what…it’s all lost. I realise stuff now that I did not just yesterday. small things I have forgotten. you are still here even. just one moment is scary, less moments are even scarier. I need to feel the buzz of the frequency that you emit to the bottom and the top of the necessity of your connection. I am not able to be rational. I cannot speak rationally. your experience is nostagic yet invented and extraordinary to the communication of the feeling of moving of life in the presence of motion. the exclusitivity of it all is disturbing. I know you would rather be alone. I know the sum is heavy. I have never been able to tap into this quite before. the trust is amazing and the ability to see through the impossible is evident. will you go as far as I will? is there any reason that automatic writing is not the way of the soul? this wave is right.