The Hot Place

I remember the oldest moments
Of orange leaves
Rocks and wood
Guitar rings into the dark
Night of April
And we don’t care
I told you I’d never forget you
I told you I’d always see you
But I haven’t seen you
In years

Cigarette exhale on the phone
In the night
I see your quivering hands
I let you down
You let me go
I let you up
You let me drown

But I see you
Under crisp long golden shadows

I let you down
I never forgot
Life just got too long
You are always just a
Dip away

In hiding
Like a scared child
Just to show me that

You won
You lost

I won
I lost

I still taste your gravity
You showed me
How to flow
I will see you again
You have not had to
Forget my guitar picks

Smashed ovation
Just as well
It served the purpose
Served it well

This one’s for you