The Hot Place

White in white out round threaded disk
Pearl or wood through embroidered slides
Flaxen or cotton or spidery silken
Spun into the float of moonbeam air


Down in the dust of wooly hennas
Deep among the fibrous cobalt and madder
Peering through the star-lined shimmered mesh of sheer
Sage does touch milky liquids of silver


Upon first glance in seemed insignificance
Upon second glance a universe
Arms in triangle around the electrical
Interlaced interlocked to the interchange


Primal matter will start the motion
Elemental burning of the chemical tree
Its fundamental essence shrouded in slumber
Visionary photon calligraphy


One single strand an eyelash flutter
Incoming projection on eyelid screen
Delightful obscura and shadow play
Opened up for insertion of warm and reeling


Heat felt before the perimeter entered
Above sinking into elastic undertow
Full of back and forth forthcoming
Compressed into deepest indigo


Oct. 18, 2002