The Hot Place

You are so vast
You are so lovely


Other people are dreaming
As The Nocturne plays on
But I taste you
On my tongue


Unfathomable eyes


Blue nightglow
Play on my wrists
Silver and moody
And the spiders
Weave on
And the bees sleep


Lunar flora
Their swollen heady aroma
Penetrate the luxurious evening
The excessive evening
That is exclusive


The content purr
Of cars traveling to
Hum in the distance
Like the ocean


The sound of travel


Moths swoop towards
Precious illumination
Ripe figs
And drops of dew
Milky beads
Sticky and sweet


Could I tell you?
Could I ask?


I dare not see beyond the fence


Yet I close my eyes
To discover you
Among the hedges
Skirting the forest
In mossy shadow
Lined soft fur
Asking a riddle
Telling a question
Commanding a story


Vernal grass
Liquid leaves


There are so many stars above me
There are so many stars above me
There are so few stars that move me

-Aug. 13th 2002